Monday, September 10, 2012

Making Salsa at Pineland Farms!

After we dropped Grace off at school for her first day of kindergarten last week we went to Pineland Farms to participate in their salsa making workshop.  The day before I asked Jack and Eve what they wanted to do after we brought Grace to school to make their day extra special and they immediately said, "Pineland!"

The workshop began with a coloring page showing a farmer holding a crate of tomatoes.  Eve loves to color so she was very excited to get her own little bucket of crayons for her picture.

After coloring, story time and learning about how tomatoes, peppers, herbs and onions grow we took a walk up to the garden area at Pineland to harvest the ingredients needed for our salsa.  Jack and Eve each received their own bag to fill with the tomatoes and green peppers that they picked.  You can also see Jack holding some very large green beans....what a great snack to munch on while we walked back to the classroom!

Eve was very proud of the tomatoes she harvested from the garden.  She kept checking her bag to make sure they were all still in there!

Pineland Farms is such a beautiful place.  This is the path that we walked, which led us from the garden area back to the classroom.

Eve walking back to the classroom with her tomatoes and large green pepper in hand!

Once we arrived back in the classroom we made our salsa by cutting up tomatoes, green peppers, onion, cilantro, lime juice and pepper...all fresh from the garden!



Maddy!, said...

What a special bond between these two, Jack and Eve!

I just love how Eve is such a big grown up girl these days! And Jack, oh my, he is so tall and handsome!

Pineland Farms is a gem. Salsa making with freshly picked ingredients -- what could be better. Thank you for sharing this time with us. I'm feeling better all ready now that life has changed forever with Grace is in school all day!

Love, Maddy

ps...please, share all that you do with just two now!!

lori carolina said...

Oh I miss those sweet chubby little fingers on my boys:)

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?