Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ballet & Tap

 Grace is very excited to be back at the Maine State Ballet!  Grace is taking ballet and tap on Thursdays.  I have always loved watching Grace dance and I too am so excited for her to be back.  What I love most is how much Grace loves to dance!


Maddy, said...

Thrilled that ballet has begun again for our Grace. And tap this year!! She is so elegant and lovely.

I love knowing how much the three little ones love dancing. I want them to dance and express their uniqueness forever.

Love, Maddy

Poppy said...

Hi Grace:
What grace you have. Your name reflects your talent. I so enjoy seeing you dance.
Love, Poppy

Anonymous said...

Grace, when you first danced, someone else tied your shoes, and now you zip into them, tying them yourself. They have become as comfortable for you as your sneakers. Dance, Grace, dance - pirouettes, spins, twirls, and much more. All beautiful, just like you.


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