Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Newest Dancer!

Remember THIS and THIS?  Well, after years and years of waiting and watching, Jack is finally DANCING!!!!  Jack started his  first dance class at the Maine State Ballet yesterday.  Hooray!  Pictures of our newest little dancer to come...


Maddy and Poppy, said...

Sooooooooo excited for Jack!!!!!!!!

He certainly has all the right moves! In the world of dance, I hear that the boys are cherished! And wait until they see the cutest-ever boy dancing his way into their hearts. Our's are all ready full for Jack!

Can't wait to see the pictures!

What a family you have. What busyness is going on up there!! You must have one of those extra large calendars with the big writing spaces! We are missing our really-growing-up-quickly-now Grands so much.

Love, Maddy & Poppy

Mom+Dad/Walter+Mary Ann, said...

A Very Happy 9th (so hard to believe!) Anniversary today to Bob and Rebecca! Nine years and three amazing little ones later........the incredible joy of that day continues on.

Dearest Rebecca, weren't you just that sweet, smart & sharp, splendid, sunny, successful, and sensational little girl just a few moments ago!?! [enjoy your littles because it really and truly goes by waaaayyyy toooo fast!]

Dearest Bob, happy thoughts to you forever as you really and truly joined our family on this day 9 years ago! [you were always a part of us though, just growing up and waiting to become mature enough to join us as Rebecca's husband!]

Have an incredible year together as Team Leger!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?