Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thursday Mornings with Eve

I'm finally back.  Things are still so very busy here but they should be settling down a little within the next week or two once soccer season ends!  Once again, I REALLY hope to get back to blogging about our daily activities soon.

On Thursday mornings Jack attends a preschool program at Broadturn Farm from 9:30 to 12 and Grace is at school  so Eve and I have some special girl time together.  We have been having so much fun together.  This week we went on an autumn scavenger hunt, read lots of books and painted with apples.  Many more pictures to come (hopefully soon!) including visits from Maddy, Poppy, Memere and Pepere, Jack's first day at Broadturn and catching up on all of our fun autumn activities.


Maddy, said...

We've missed you here so much. You are busy bees. It's great that you and Eve have a morning of time together. Eve is just the sweetest little button of a girl!
It's so interesting to watch how your family of three works. You have no idea how I love all the exchanges and interactions!

Take good care of each other up there in Maine.
Love, Maddy

snuggly, said...

Get well, our Gracie Girl...there is lots of germs going around every year at this time.

May all of the Legers drink hot tea with honey and read lots of books and be cozy warm on this rainy day Sunday. That's just what we are doing here in Middlebury today!

Love, Maddy!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?