Wednesday, March 21, 2012

W is for Watermelon.

 W is for watermelon.

I am still having issues with downloading my photos from yesterday so here is a letter activity that Jack did last week.  One of Jack's favorite musical artists is named Billy Jonas.  Billy Jonas performed at Middlebury's Festival on the Green many years ago and this is how we were first introduced to his music.  The only music that Jack requests right now is Billy Jonas (and Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker music).  One of Jack's favorite Billy Jonas songs is called Watermelon.  Jack was SO excited to make a watermelon for the letter W.  He glued black beans on for the watermelon seeds. Jack also asked to have a big bite cut out of his watermelon slice!

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Maddy, said...

Oh, our Jack, and his musical choices at the moment! Bob and Rebecca, you have the most creative children. They are so full of music, art, science, and play. My heart skips a beat with each new learning that you share.

Love, Maddy

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