Friday, March 30, 2012

A Summer-like Day at the Beach in March

Last week we were enjoying record setting high temperatures in the mid-80s!  We spent one of those summer-like days at the beach after Grace's ballet class.  How could we not!?!!  This week March in Maine has returned with temperatures nearly 50 degrees colder than they were last week.  We even have had a little snow.  It is all good but that little taste of summer was such a welcome treat!  Here are some pictures from our glorious day at the beach in March.


Maddy, said...

Woo-wee! I'm loving these pictures in all so many ways!

Jack, Eve, and Grace are the cutest beach babies ever. Everything is sparkling, the sun, the sand, and the sea. Those kicking kiddos are the shine of my life! Just wonderful.
Love, Maddy

ps-here's to you, Rebecca, bringing 3 children to the beach all by yourself, and capturing these delicious do you do it?!! You are one amazing Mama!

Maddy, said...

I almost forgot to mention that President Obama was here in Vermont yesterday. After he left here, Air Force One took him up to Portland, Maine. Why didn't I ask him for a ride so I could see you?! I didn't even think!

Anonymous said...

Exhilarating, exciting, heart-warming, and wistful! Grace, Jack, and Eve experience and capture life
so fully, so beautifully.


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?