Thursday, March 29, 2012

Planting Grass Seed in Eggshells

Grace remembered planting grass seed inside eggshells two years ago for an Easter activity (click here and here) and she asked if she could do this activity again.  Yes, indeed!  

Grace cracked a dozen eggs, carefully washed out the shells and filled each egg with soil.  Grace covered the tops of the soil with cat grass (wheat grass) seeds.

 I love how pretty this planting project looks on our window sill.  Grace has been watering her seeds for the past two days.  All we need now is for some sunshine to help our little seedlings sprout!


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Maddy, said...

So perfect for Easter! I just could reach out to our Grace right through the screen and give her so many huge hugs.....oh me, oh my, how I miss our little ones so so so much. [please, give all of the children many, many hugs and kisses from Poppy & me!]

I love Botanical Seeds (the best!) Last year I planted seeds from this company under our mailboxes and they were sensational. I all ready have this year's tucked away in my cabinet all set to go as soon as the planting time in Vermont is perfect.

Please, post photos of the grass as it gets taller and Grace is cutting it for Petey. Grass for kitties is a good~thing.

Love, Maddy

ps, Grace, I love your rainbow necklace!

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