Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sticky Collage

I love having my children create their own collages because it is such a great exercise in creativity, fine motor and language skills.  Eve created her first sticky collage last week.  To set up the collage, I taped a piece of contact paper onto our sliding glass door with the sticky side facing out.  I gathered many objects (pieces of paper, straw pieces, foam shapes, cotton balls, yarn, poms, tissue) and placed them in a bin on the floor underneath the contact paper.  Eve LOVED touching the contact paper with her hands - she giggled every time her hands stuck to the paper.  After experimenting with the texture of the contact paper, Eve got right to work on her collage.  Throughout the week, Eve would visit her collage to add and remove items and move them around.   

When our cat, Petey, came over to see what was going on Eve told him all about her collage and she even offered Petey several items to place on the collage!  Petey preferred to just watch the creative process!!

Eve was having so much fun with her sticky collage throughout the week that Grace and Jack joined in on the fun too.  They added several of their own creations!  This was such a fun week long activity.  

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