Saturday, March 10, 2012

Learning About Constellations

Jack has been very interested in learning about outer space for some time now.  Every night Jack stands at his window gazing up at the sky.  Jack was fascinated to learn that stars are actually still present during the day but we cannot see them because of the sun's bright light.  Jack and I talked about how the stars make patterns when they are connected together with imaginary lines.  To visualize these constellations, Jack made made a constellation box (a box with a hole in one end to look through and the other end open to place constellations cards).  We made several constellation cards by punching out tiny holes and connecting them with lines in order to clearly see the pictures the stars make. Jack used his constellation box to view the constellations.    

Once Jack identified the constellations by viewing them in his constellation box, he located them on a start chart and we highlighted them. 

Jack taped the constellation cards onto one of the windows in our home.  We will be looking up at the night sky to try to spot these constellations.  What fun!

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Poppy said...

Hello Jack:
There is a whole universe out there for you to discover. Oh...the places you'll go!

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