Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Maddy, Poppy, Bob, Grace, Jack and Eve at our Thanksgiving table! 

Here is a beeswax candle and base that Jack made for our Thanksgiving table.  

Getting ready! 

Grace, Jack and Eve on Thanksgiving morning.  They were so happy and very excited to have Maddy and Poppy with us!

Thanksgiving would not be complete without turkey handprint cards!

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Mom, said...

We loved Thanksgiving with you! The decorations were perfect! A special thank you to, Jack, for all of his hard work!

Still laughing over the green bean casserole and Dad!!

I'm smiling over the picture of all of us--we are all wearing stripes!! Dad has plaid but it's kind-of like stripes. What a crew! Not planned but funny.

Thank you for delicious food, sharing your home, and all the joys of being together bring.

Love, Mom + Dad

ps...I always wonder where I might turn up after spending time with you and your camera, Dear Rebecca! I walked through the door the other night and Dad greeted me with, "Rebecca, put a picture of us on her blog." He was a happy as can be! Not me!!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?