Monday, December 30, 2013

A Snow Girl, A Snow Boy & A Snow Baby!

Grace, Jack, Eve and I spent our morning outside enjoying the freshly fallen snow from yesterday's storm.  We have been waiting for some good packing snow to build snowmen and today was the day.  We decided to make three snow friends - a snow girl, a snow boy and a snow baby (or a snow "toddler," as Eve called it!).

Jack working hard to roll his snowball.

Eve rolling her snowball!

 Grace & Jack

Eve loved sitting on the big snowballs.  In the picture above, Grace is giving Eve a kiss!

Jack working on making a face on his snow boy.

Adding the finishing touches...

 Here are the finished snowmen.  We built them on our side yard so that we can easily see them from our living room and kitchen.  We enjoyed looking out at them this afternoon.  

Jack hugging his snow boy.  Jack decided not to add a mouth to his snowman.  When I asked him why Jack said it was because he "couldn't figure out what snowmen eat."   :)

Eve hugging her snow toddler.  Eve decided to put a hair accessory on her snowman instead of a hat.  She also added a necklace.  For those of you who know Eve - this shouldn't surprise you!  :)

Grace admiring her snow girl!


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Maddy to Her 3 Most~Incredible Grands!!, said...

What a way to end the year with this beautiful post, My So~Dearest~Ever Rebecca!!!!!!!!!! ☃☃☃

I LOVE the children and their snow people!! Each one of them presented their person perfectly to match their unique and special personalities!!!! I can't get enough of all of it!!!!!

The faces, the expressions, the work, the time, the result!!!!!!

LOVE all of you with my whole heart ♥---Maddy

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