Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eve's Scented Sand & Glitter Writing Tray!

I have been using sand writing trays with my children for years.  What I love about sand trays it that it allows young children like Eve to use their whole hand for writing.  They provide children with a true "hands-on" experience as they learn to write letters and numbers.  Writing in sand trays also puts more focus on how to correctly form letters while removing the intricate fine motor skills required to hold a pencil.  By the time children can easily hold and write with a pencil they already know how to write their letters.  Sand trays are also so easy to "erase" by gently shaking the tray to flatten out the sand to start over again!

Eve made this glittery Christmas sand tray last week.  Eve used green sand and added LOTS of green and silver glitter for an extra special touch!  Underneath the green sand we added red paper to give contrast as Eve wrote and to incorporate our Christmas theme.  Eve also added a few drops of peppermint oil to the sand, which provided her with a festive scent as she wrote.

Here is Eve practicing writing her name in the sand.

 Eve does a great job writing the lowercase letter 'e' in her sand tray.

More Nutcracker pictures coming tomorrow...

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Mom, said...

First of all, amazing, amazing photography, Rebecca!

Eve is just a lovey-dovey! What a great idea with the added glitter and the red paper underneath. Wow, her e's are very good!

I can only imagine that Jack and Grace wrote in the sand tray when they came home from school, too. Who wouldn't want a try--I do!!

Mid-week never ending Love to all!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?