Friday, December 20, 2013

Decorating Gingerbread Houses!

Gracie girl

(Sorry for the poor picture quality in this was getting dark as Grace and Jack were decorating their gingerbread houses and the pictures came out very grainy.  However, I wanted to post these to remember how much fun we had with this activity!) 



 Eve having a little taste.

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Mom, said...

Such sweetness all around! I love gingerbread house building. Grace, Jack, and Eve are sweeter than all those cookies, and frosting, and candies, though!!

So happy to see such merry-making and Christmasy clothes, too!

Love to You this weekend before Christmas. Watch the weather out's sounding a bit frightful up here. How did we ever get such beautiful children in our lives. My heart bursts with joy just to think about them--which I do all day and night long!!!

Love, Mom

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