Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celebrating Grace's Birthday...

In the picture above, Jack lit this special beeswax candle that he had made.  Jack asked to light it before Grace's birthday cake so that Grace could blow it out and make an extra special birthday wish.  Very sweet.

Here is Grace just before blowing out her birthday candles.  Grace asked for ten candles on her cake this year.  Grace made up a very logical mathematical equation and used it to explain to me why ten candles would be appropriate!  For those of you who know Grace...this is very much her!!!!  :)

 Grace's expression upon first seeing her birthday cake!

After picking up Grace from school we went to a place in Portland called Summit Adventures, which is a fun family entertainment center.  Grace enjoyed the climbing wall and went right to the top without any hesitation!

Jack getting ready to climb! 

Grace and Jack LOVED playing inside of these large balls that floated in a pool of water.  Eve decided to pass on this activity and thought it would be better just to watch!  :)

 I still can't believe my Gracie girl is seven years old!  I had such a great time celebrating Grace's very special day.

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Mom, said...

Grace's top is just perfect for our smiling happy birthday girl...loving how you put that little sticker on it, Rebecca! Perfect!

Those giant balls in the water are amazing to me. I've never seen anything quite like them! I would be just like Eve and watch from the sidelines!! Wow! Great job at the climbing wall, Jack and Grace!

How sweet and pretty is Grace blowing out her candles! I cannot wait to hear what mathematical equation she used to get ten birthday candles!! That girl!

Jack is just as nice as can be to have Grace make a special wish with his beeswax candle!

Loved seeing how much fun Grace's birthday was. Now on the Jack's birthday and shortly after, Eve's! The celebrations never stop in your home this time of year. Big smiles!!!

Love, Mom

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