Friday, September 9, 2011

Studying Clouds

We have been learning about cumulus, stratus and cirrus clouds this week. This afternoon we went outside to study what types of clouds we could find in our sky. We also had a very fun time telling each other what we saw in the clouds! We have several cloud activities planned for next week, which I will be sure to post.

Have a great weekend and be sure to take some time to look and dream and discover what you can see in the clouds!

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Maddy/Mom, said...

As a lover of clouds, you can only imagine how taken I am with this post!! How I wish I was there lying in that cool September grass with Eve, Jack, and Grace with my pants rolled up eyes fastend upward and talking and thinking and seeking. Just look at our Miss Eve--she is growing up so quickly, I can hardly stand it.

I think clouds are one of our most natural treasures. I haven't shared this with you but I recently became a member of the 'Cloud Appreciation Society', it's a world-wide club. I'll enroll my three into the Society, too.

It is almost too true to believe but I was just looking at my ever growing collection of cloud photos and was thinking about doing a week long cloud post! How I love it when we are doing something so similiar without even knowing it at the same time....just like your adventure at rides last week and our trip to the Fair and now clouds!!

Rebecca, what a gift you give your children be it puddles, paint, water, or clouds. Thank you for being you and sharing it with us.

I love this post and all of you dreamers up there in Maine,

ps.....for your inforamtion, as you gaze at the sky, look forward to the full moon on the 13th!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?