Thursday, September 1, 2011

Painting a Landscape

This week we have been talking about landscapes. Grace, Jack and Eve have learned how landscape paintings have the ability to capture the three-dimensional world on a flat surface. In order to learn more about the nature that surrounds us we have been studying famous landscape paintings. Today, Grace, Jack and Eve painted landscape pictures of their very own that are similar to our surroundings! The paint is still a little wet so the finishing touches on the landscape pictures will be completed tomorrow. I'll post pictures. :)


landscape~Maddy, said...

I love landscapes--may you very please share which artists and their paintings you have been exploring. I would so enjoy knowing!

The things I learn from you [Rebecca] and Eve, Grace and Jack in these posts are phenomenal. I love these photos of the children with their intense and inspirational faces. I find myself always thinking how fulfilled I am because of images such as these. Thank you so, my darlings.

I can't wait to see the completed pictures. I would love to have one if there is an know how we decorate our home with works such as these!

A very happy and nurturing 3 day family weekend to all of you,

once again, said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I studied your three photos so much that I did indeed notice that baby Evey Pie's picture was taken later in the day as the "landscape" behind her captured a different light. That little girl was most-likely taking a morning nap when you captured Jack & Grace!

Love again, Maddy

Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Mom. You have a very good eye! You are exactly right -- Eve was taking her morning nap when Grace and Jack completed the first steps of their landscape paintings. Eve started her painting later that afternoon! I'll share in an upcoming post some of the landscape paintings we have been studying.

Have a great long weekend.

I love you,

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