Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ballet Class

Gracie girl had her first ballet class this morning at Maine State Ballet. She was extremely excited to practice at the barre and to meet Miss Juliet and her fellow dancers. I loved watching Grace dance today. She is so graceful, especially the way she uses her arms and hands while she dances. Grace can also be seen in the picture above -- she is wearing the short-sleeved black leotard with pink tights. Our Gracie girl had two little admirers watching her from the doorway throughout her class! Jack and Eve had fun watching Grace dance. Jack has been watching Grace in dance classes since he was a baby. Once Jack turns three in December he can't wait to join a dance school too...and just wait until you see that boy dance! Jack-a-roo is quite the little dancer. He has amazing rhythm. :)

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clapping for the performances!, said...

Love ballet and love Grace dancing in ballet class.... those glorious movements and her posture and her concentration.

Jack IS quite the dancer and guitar player (for that matter!) oh yes, that boy does have the beat! I can picture him on the dance floor doing all his moves!

And, don't think for a moment that Eve isn't just a step away herself. Those strong legs of her's have been standing almost since birth!

It is great to have such a large living room space with your hardwood floors as your "stage". For there will be many, many performances played there over the years.

Love to my dancers, musicians, singers, and actors,
Your Maddy

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