Friday, December 24, 2010

Making Handmade Christmas Wrapping Paper

Every year Grace and Jack make their own Christmas wrapping paper. This year they poured red and green paint onto large pieces of paper, chose their favorite vehicles and drove them through the paint!!! This activity was SO MUCH FUN for Grace and Jack and they ended up with some festive and one of a kind Christmas wrapping paper!


merry christmas love, said...

Dear Rebecca, you are quite the Mama!
Having a new baby in exactly 2 weeks and working on such a creative project (with clean~up!) on Christmas Eve is remarkable!!

Grace and Roo are so-so-so lucky to have you for their Mother. They have to freedom to be just what they are::children living in a nurturing, positive, magical, and loving environment. Oh, if only, all children had this advantage. What roots and values you give them. And, oh, how much you make my heart sing.

Thank you for sharing this project--it's the best present for me to see.
Christmas Love to All!

Anonymous said...

It's all about the children. And at what a perfect time of year to incarnate that. Grace and Jack are fabulous examples of what love will do and the freedom that accompanies it.

Merry, Happy Christmas!
Joyeux Noel!


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