Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Growing Easter Grass

With Easter coming up upon us very quickly I thought it would be fun for Grace to plant grass seed inside egg shells as an Easter and a beginning of spring activity. It's also a great science lesson and a nice way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside! Grace worked so hard this morning to crack a dozen eggs. She carefully rinsed the egg shells out and then filled each one with wet potting soil. Once all of the egg shells were filled Grace placed grass seed on top of the soil.

Grace chose cat grass seeds at our local hardware store to plant inside the egg shells. Grace wanted our cat, Petey, to enjoy the Easter grass too!

Grace later covered the grass seeds with a thin layer of soil. It will be a great learning experience for Grace and Jack to watch the grass seeds sprout and grow over the next few days and weeks. I'll post pictures of Grace's Easter grass in a few weeks. Great work, Grace!

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love planting, said...

oh, another great learning project!

I cannot wait to see the grass sprouting. I'm sure that Grace enjoyed cracking all those eggs and then carefully rinsing them out. Oh, the things that must have been talked about!
Good Petey will be munching on that cat grass very soon. Grace will be excited to give Good Petey a treat that she grew just for him.
I think that planting and watching things grow teaches children invaluable lessons in how our world works. There is nothing quite like soil, seeds and getting your hands right into it! Love it!
It's a good thing that those eggs are cozy warm inside--we woke up to a covering of snow in Vermont this morning. Did it snow at your house?
Have a wonderful day, Rebecca, Grace and Jack. Bob, also, at work.
Love to All of You, Good Petey, too,

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