Monday, March 15, 2010

A Great Way To Spend A Rainy Day

We found a wonderful indoor play space for Jack and Grace on Sunday. It is located in an old warehouse - complete with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and original wood floors. It's such a beautiful space that is filled with all wooden learning toys. The warehouse is divided into different areas and each area targets a specific skill. Some of the themes included a sensory table, a music/dress up room, a nature room, a reading nook, a science center, a construction room filled with trucks, blocks, and tools, a gross motor room with a ball pool, a large wooden climbing structure, and slides, a pretend play room, and an art/painting area. Jack and Grace especially enjoyed the musical instruments, the play kitchen, the trampoline, and the large painting wall. We will be spending much more time here, especially on rainy days. It's such a great place and it is called Peek-a-boo Children's Center, located in Westbrook.

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wanting a pink and purple kitchen at my house!, said...

Oh, I haven't even been there yet but I already love it
at the Peek-a-boo Children's Center, just like Grace and Jack. You find the best places! I love that large painting wall~just perfect for Jack. Tell, Jack & Grace that I would love a pink refrigerator in my kitchen!

It sounds like a very nice weather week so enjoy your outdoor times. Rebecca, I hope your cold is better today. Miss you lots and lots.
Love, Mom

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