Friday, March 26, 2010

A Treat!

One of Grace and Jack's favorite adventures is to feed the ducks and the seagulls at Millcreek Park. We spent so much time here last summer feeding the ducks and enjoying every inch of the park! There is a small pond there where many, many ducks and seagulls congregate waiting for a bite to eat. We went to our favorite park on Thursday to enjoy the warm spring day. Prior to heading to the park we stopped at a grocery store to buy three large loaves of bread for our duck and seagull friends to enjoy.

Grace prepares for the feeding. Half a loaf at a time seems appropriate.

A set of wings seems like it would help to fit in with the locals at the park!

Every cute little duck needs an occasional break.

Grace gets pure joy from feeding her feathered friends. She enthusiastically cheered on the ducks and seagulls as they enjoyed their bread.

Jack kept signing "eat" to the ducks in order to encourage them to partake in the feast!

A man's gotta eat too!

Our sweet little Jack also shared some of the bread with his feathered friends as he couldn't resist a little non-organic and non-whole grain flour treat for himself...and what a treat is was!!!


I'm coming for a visit!!, said...

I am going to give myself a t-r-e-a-t !
I am leaving early tomorrow morning and driving up to spend a few days with you!
It's going to be better than sliced bread!
Get ready for tons and tons of kissing & hugging!

I hope the weather holds out because I would love to visit Millcreek Park with you. You know that I have a "bird" thing going on at the moment.

I love Grace's butterfly wings. I love Jack's signing.
Have a happy weekend until I see you tomorrow afternoon!!!
Love, Maddy

Bob & Rebecca Leger said...

Can't wait for the kissing and the hugging!


Kim said...

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