Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back In Boston

The Little Legers hit the town in Boston again on Saturday. Grace led the charge with her trusted Jack-a-roo. The mission - have as much fun as possible and use every ounce of energy to get the job done.

Jack couldn't be held back by his aged father so he took off on his own. Jack sprinted to the waterfront, found a yacht that would be appropriate for the team, then came back to get us laggards.

Grace surmised that we needed some more team members so she anointed Mrs. Mallard and one of the ducklings from The Make Way For Duckings group as an honorary member of the team.

Grace chose the duckling "Quack" following many interviews, due diligence research, and extensive genetic testing.

We then enlisted the help of the MBTA to find Jack's team member.

Grace relaxed momentarily while we had an intense team meeting to determine who would be the final member of the Little Leger team Saturday. You can't see the paparazzi flocking all around us as the monumental decision got closer. Grace, Jack, Mommy, Daddy, Mrs. Mallard, and Quack were all nervous that the final team member could be "outed" on TMZ or tweeted prematurely.

No worries, Grace enlisted the help of local law enforcement officials to keep the tabloid journalists at bay. We continued to search, search, search and then...

We found Wally! Jack was smitten immediately and Wally was added as the final honorary member of the Little Leger team.

Jack grabbed hold of Wally and took him to seal the deal on his yacht purchase.

Unfortunately, Little Buddy fell asleep right before closing on the yacht. C'est la vie for the Little Leger super team. On to another mission....


as the story continues..., said...

I loved reading Chapter 2 of the Boston Chronicles!

Where-o-where is Mommy, though? We need to see her!

I cannot believe how much fun your sweet little family has! Maybe we could join you in Chapter 5 or 6, sometime this Summer.

Jack and Grace can certainly amaze a city. How did Grace get to sit on the Police motorcycle? I know there must be quite a story there. Jack and Daddy in the subway station~just like two peas in a pod.

Bob, you are quite the story teller and Rebecca, the tremendous photographer, as always!
Love to all, Maddy/Mom/Mary Ann

Joy said...

Dear Mary Ann, thank you for your sweet comment! I often wonder what will come next is crazy! =)

Rebecca, thank you! I love your blog too! I feel like I know Jack and Grace. Your children are gorgeous and YOUR photography is amazing, but not half as amazing as all the things you do and teach your children daily! So inspiring! P.S. Your recent post on Boston made us want to take the kids on a trip to Boston (where Mike and I met).
Have a great week!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?