Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pretend Play

Grace enjoys engaging in pretend play. This morning Grace organized a scene with her animals & play food and utensils. Grace said that her animals were VERY hungry. She then proceeded to set up her animals on our couch and gathered the necessary supplies to feed them. Grace was very specific as to which animals needed to eat food versus which animals needed to drink because they were just thirsty. Grace chose specific foods for each animal and took great care in feeding them using a variety of utensils. I greatly enjoyed hearing what Grace was saying while she was engaged in this pretend play scenario. I'm always amazed to hear Grace's advanced language skills shine through while she is engaged in imaginative play.

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see you tomorrow~maddy said...

What pig just wouldn't love an egg made by Grace? I love the way all of the pigs are sharing the egg, such good friends those pigs are! Of course, horses are always thirsty and drinking from a colorful teapot is perfect!

I love hearing Grace talk and knowing what she is thinking about. I learn so much from her every time we are together. She is our Amazing Grace, in every way.
Love, Maddy

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