Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Gracie Girl Is A Busy Bee!"

Grace & I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Children's Museum. On the car ride home we talked all about our time at the museum together. At the end of our conversation Grace enthusiastically added, "Gracie Girl is a busy bee at the Children's Museum!" Grace enjoyed everything that the Children's Museum had to offer today. Some of her favorites included: taking money out of the cash register to purchase food at the "grocery store," climbing through tunnels, gathering a variety of toys to see which ones were light enough to float above the wind tunnel, and taking time out to relax and read several books. Thank you, Maddy & Poppy, for renewing our annual membership to the museum. It is a terrific place for Grace to play, learn, and explore!


maddy and poppy said...

We are so glad to see you back enjoying the Children's Museum! It is amazing for us to see how much Grace has grown since you were there last. Grace is extra cute learning and having fun at the Museum! Hope that you can go lots and lots this year. Just wait until Grace introduces her new brother to all of her favorite things!
Love, Maddy & Poppy

Anonymous said...

Gracie Girl,
You and your Mom are amazing... You are always busy bees! Learning, exploring and enjoying life! I wish every child could have the love, respect and adventures that your Mom, Dad and grandparents afford you... There is no stopping you sweet Grace. And, I am sure, you will pass on the love, knowledge and fun to your little baby brother.
Loving Keeping up with you in Vermont,
Donna xoxo

Anonymous said...

The Portland Children's Museum is fantastic! The number and variety of experiences are amazing. I can see why you love it there, Grace.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?