Monday, September 1, 2014

The Night Before the First Day School...

 I can't even begin to believe that Grace AND Jack start school tomorrow.  Before bedtime tonight I talked to Grace and Jack about how important it is to get enough sleep each night and how critical that is for the best possible learning. About twenty minutes after I gave Grace what I thought to be her final tuck-in for the night I walked by her bedroom and noticed that her light was still on. I opened her door and found Grace reading a book about Greek Myths (I don't think I even knew about these until I was in the 7th or 8th grade). I told Grace how much I love it that she reads so much but explained again that it was time for bed so she would be well rested for her first day of second grade tomorrow. Her response, "Okay, Mommy, but can I PLEASE finish this Greek Myth? Oh, and can you get me a book about Roman myths too?" I definitely think this girl of mine is ready to tackle the second grade...I just hope that she is rested enough!   ;)

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Maddy, said...

Oh, how I love Grace and all of her Grace-ness!

I've never seen a seven year old with more zest for learning than this little one. The things she is interested in forever blows me away! I will always remember how Grace said at age four or five ( I cannot remember right now ) how she has folders in her mind that she fills up with learning and files away to be opened again when she needs the necessary information. I couldn't believe that a little girl knew her own learning style so well that she could verbalized it at such a tender age. I still cannot believe it.

Grace is really going places and will make such an impact on our world. She has the greatest mind and heart of anyone that I know. I am so proud of her and cannot wait to enjoy watching her grow and learn even more.

Love, Maddy

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