Thursday, September 18, 2014

Monarch Caterpillars!

I took Grace, Jack and Eve apple picking over the weekend. I couldn't believe it when Grace found a monarch caterpillar munching on some milkweed leaves nearby one of the apple trees. A few minutes later we found a second caterpillar and shortly after that we found a third caterpillar crawling along on Eve's dress! In addition to our bag full of apples, we were delighted to bring home these three caterpillars with us too. We have been looking for monarch eggs, caterpillars and butterflies for the past two summers with little luck. We will be taking care of these caterpillars until they become butterflies...we are already planning a big butterfly release party once they emerge from their chrysalises!

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Maddy!!!, said...

I am happy, happy, happy that you found these three Instars!!! Best news I have seen in a long time. These found treasures could not have happened to a better family! Now you can watch them much their milkweed, go into the chrysalis, and finally emerge as a beautiful Monarch Butterflies! I cannot wait to find out how many are female and male.

Watch over them with all of your curious eyes.
Love, love, love!!!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?