Thursday, September 18, 2014

A World of Color!

Eve had a great time this morning with this color matching activity, which uses paint sample cards.  To make this activity I gathered two sheets of a variety of paint sample cards from our local hardware store.  I cut the paint chips apart on one of the cards and glued each color on to a clothespin.  Eve matched the colors on the clothespins to the colors on the cards.  I love how this activity incorporates lots of vocabulary (e.g., shade, order, light, dark, pale, deep, similar) and that it is a fine motor activity too.    Eve's favorite part was learning the names of the colors on the cards after she matched them.  Eve thinks it is quite funny to say "pumpkin pleasure" instead of orange, "blueberry popover" for blue and "chickadee" for yellow!    

..and I think by now the people who work at our local hardware stores think that I'm either a very, very indecisive person or that I am constantly redecorating the rooms in our house!  I think they would be quite surprised to see their paint samples used this way.  :)


Mom, said...

I love this activity, Rebecca!! So very clever of you! I can imagine how much fun you two girls had together! Loving Eve's colorful bracelet and necklace, too.

I find those paint chip names one of the most fascinating things in this whole world--your three children are another!!!

Please, tell Eve that I just love her to bits.
Love, Mom xox

Anonymous said...

What a smart, eager little girl Eve is! She is ever ready for a new activity, a new adventure.

Has she made the connection between colors and fashion?
I can almost hear her choosing her clothes, identifying their color with names she learnt on paint chips or unique names that she created. What fun!


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