Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grace & Jack Back at the Maine State Ballet!

Grace and Jack also started at the Maine State Ballet last week! They were both just as excited as Eve to begin dancing again. This year Grace is doing tap and jazz classes and Jack is doing tap and ballet. In our house Wednesdays are now referred to as "dance day." Eve has her class every Wednesday morning and Grace & Jack have theirs after school on Wednesdays. There is a flurry of dance bags, five different pairs of dance shoes, dance pants, leotards, tights and hair accessories to get ready that makes getting everyone ready and out the door on Wednesdays all the more exciting.  The first week of class for Grace and Jack was extremely busy so I was only able to capture these two quick pictures. Grace is pictured above.  She is in the middle and is wearing the sleeveless black leotard. Jack can be seen below through the window of Room #2. He is wearing a blue shirt. I hope to get more pictures of my two oldest dancers during their upcoming classes but I wanted to be sure to capture their first week of dance.

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