Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Beginning of Soccer Season!

 Jack is very excited that Daddy is coaching his soccer team (the Triceratops!) this season.

Grace is so happy to be on the Turtle team again this year with Coach Drew.   

Eve is also playing soccer this year.  She will be on the Mini-Kicks team and will begin practicing in September.  Eve cheered Jack and Grace on as they had their soccer kickoff over the weekend.  Eve showed her full support by wearing her shin guards and by watching her older brother and sister practice for nearly four hours!  She is such a trooper.

Yay, Jack!

Go, Grace!

Grace is serving as the assistance coach of Jack's team.  

After about an hour of Eve and I watching the soccer meet together I told her, "Don't worry Evey girl...only three more hours to go!"  Here is her priceless reaction.   :)

Gracie balancing on her soccer ball!

 We are all looking forward to an exciting soccer season ahead...

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Anonymous said...

The Legers are a very active, engaged soccer family! Yeah for you!


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