Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cloud Paint!

When all three of my children were babies and toddlers I did lots of sensory activities with them. Their favorite sensory activity was playing with "cloud paint" (shaving cream). Over time, as my children have grown and have outgrown playing with cloud paint on a tray, the activity has evolved into has now become a great summertime activity to fill their little pool with cloud paint for some extra fun sensory play. 

 Oh, and the clean up is just as fun too!


Maddy, said...

Love, love, love all this fun. Wish I had been there to hear the squeals of delight. You are such a wonderful Mama to your children, Rebecca.

It makes my Maddy~heart so full of love.
Amazing Love! xox

Anonymous said...

Next summer please post pictures of your daughters either nude or in more revealing clothes. They won't know about it so it won't hurt them and the rest of us will get to see the most beautiful creatures that your daughters are in a more intimate way = perfection. Thank you.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?