Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Fun Day at Aquaboggan Water Park

We spent a fun day at Aquaboggan Water Park yesterday.  Here is Grace on the steepest ride at the park!

Eve and I riding down one of the water slides together.  By the end of our day there Eve was asking me if she could go down the water slide backward and doing turns!

Jack having fun by the pool!


 Jack holding his nose and breath as he slides down the aquasaucer!

Jack and Eve playing mini golf together!

Daddy and Grace riding the "taco" ride together.

 Gracie girl coming off one of the slides...all smiles!

Jack and I at the bottom of one of the water slides.



Anonymous said...

My heart is racing looking at these pictures. What fun (for those who don't fear heights or speed)! These children, and parents, are incredible!


P.S. These action pictures are superb.

Maddy, said...

What fun, fun you had today! Love the adventures of Grace, Jack, and Eve!, that girl! cute! Eve...smiling at that life jacket!

xox, Maddy

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?