Friday, August 22, 2014

Fairy Light Jars!

My children love fairies.  I have been wanting to make fairy light jars with them all summer and today was the day!  These jars were very simple to make.  We first placed a thin layer of tulle inside each of the jars.  Next, we cut open several glow sticks and carefully poured the glow sticks liquid inside each of the three jars.  We then added the lids, shook them and brought them into a dark room.  The results were beautiful.  We are now ready to catch some fairies!



Maddy, said...

Love this idea!
And no worries....fairies are certain to find their way into Grace's, Jack's, and Eve's rooms tonight by the light of these jars. Tell us all about your fairy adventures. I hear they can be quite mischievous sometimes!!
Sending love to all of my little wee ones,
Maddy xox

Maddy, said...

Love how Grace is wearing safety gloves...just as if she were in a Chemistry Lab!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Imagination + science = wonder!


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