Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maypole Dance

We attended Broadturn Farm's May Day Celebration on Sunday.  In the picture above Grace, Jack and Eve are listening to farmer John explain what the Maypole represents.

Grace and Eve performing the Maypole dance.

Jack and Shane 
(Bob's cousin Heather and her husband Shane were visiting and they attended the May Day celebration with us.)

Eve holding on to one of the Maypole ribbons.

Grace holding on to one of the Maypole ribbons.

The finished Maypole....wishing  Broadturn Farm a plentiful harvest this year!

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Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! But first and foremost just look at little Eve--she is so grown up, it's hard to believe!

What an experience! I hope that this becomes an annual tradition for your family. It was so nice to share this day with visitors from your Massachusetts family. I bet they are still talking about their time with you!

Love all through this Month of May, each and every day to Gracie, Jack, and Eve,
Maddy the fiddlers!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?