Friday, May 17, 2013

Clam Digging

Clam digging is a North American term for a common way to harvest clams from below the surface of tidal sand flats.  Commercial digging is referred to as clamming and it is done by a clammer.  One warmer spring day back in April we went to the beach near our home.  Grace, Jack and Eve were immediately drawn to two clammers working to find clams along the shoreline.  Although the clammers did not speak any English they were able to teach Grace, Jack and Eve to clam by demonstrating how it was done and by graciously sharing their tools with my children.  It was a joy for me to watch Grace, Jack and Eve working side by side with the clammers, the five of them only exchanging smiles as they all worked together.
Grace and Jack working with the clammers

Grace & Jack clamming together
 Jack clamming

Grace clamming

Jack, Eve & Grace practicing their newly learned clamming skills!

Eve clamming


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Mom, said...

This is an amazing story, Rebecca, in so many ways. I love how people of all ages learn from each other. A perfect example of peace in our world.

Clamming is something I have always been interested in but have no knowledge on--now Grace, Jack, and Eve can teach me!

Again & again, I adore this story and your photos.
Love and peace to all,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?