Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eve's Tea Party

Eve loves her baby dolls.  Her two favorite babies are Lulu and Anna (both are pictured above).  Eve set up this lovely tea party for Lulu and Anna the other morning.  Eve set the table all by herself and chose watermelon and carrot slices to eat at her party!


Anonymous said...

What a loving, solicitous mother to both her babies, holding one and reaching out to the other, setting a beautiful table with special treats! She has seen these modeled for her, and now she so naturally passes on what she has learnt. How wonderful!


Mom, said...

Eve is just as sweet as can be, isn't she! I could just reach right out to her and squeeze her up! I Love this little girl so much. What a great picture you captured, Rebecca. It's so true she has the best Mama as her model!!

Love, Mom

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