Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Morning at the Library


Maddy, said...

There is no-place like the library! Free books and all that brings has endless possibilities. Love seeing my Littles there...I know you go all the time, though. Nothing like Summertime reading.

Remember when you would read all Summer long as a child, Rebecca, and make a list from one of Dad's adding machine paper and hang it up in the kitchen. By the end of the Summer is would hang from ceiling to the floor and then some!!

Your children are just like that! I love it.
Happy reading and the places it takes you. It's like a vacation and an adventure right in your very own home.

Love, Mom the hats on the girls. Jack's cast is still kind-of-cute....continuing to come to terms with his broken wrist, though.

Anonymous said...

A picker, a reader, a holder - a job for everyone, team cooperation. And the fruits are to be enjoyed at home. Love, love it.


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