Monday, July 28, 2014

Jack's Arm

I was so excited for today.  Over the past few weeks I have been counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds with Jack until his cast was to be removed and today was the big day.  Last night I was thinking a lot about how it would go and I had envisioned taking Jack home after his appointment and starting some strengthening exercises to get Jack's fingers back into tip top shape for writing before he starts kindergarten next month.  I never expected to see this when the doctor took Jack's cast off today.  I am so very, very sad and worried for my Jack.  He has a severe case of dermatitis and the doctor thinks he may have some type of allergic reaction to some of the materials that were in the cast.  While wearing his cast the only thing Jack would say about it was that it itched and he would only mention this briefly at bedtime.  I knew itching was completely normal with a cast but I never imagined this was going on underneath.  My poor, poor boy.  If you could please keep Jack in your thoughts or prayers to wish for him a very quick recovery.  


Anonymous said...

I am sick for this beautiful grandson, and, also, in awe of his strength, endurance, and lack of complaints while enduring what had to be sizable discomfort.

We join you with healing prayers and thoughts. We will also ask many others to join us. Our prayers can't be answered fast enough.

Jack, we love you. You'll feel better soon now that the doctor, Mommy, and Daddy know how they can help you.


Maddy, said...

Even though I saw this picture earlier I continue to be in shock about what was happening under the cast. My whole heart is broken for Sweet Jack. I am holding him extra close in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

Sending all the love I have to Jack and all of you.

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