Thursday, July 3, 2014

Being Prepared!

We came home from the beach a little earlier than expected yesterday due to some fast approaching thunder clouds.  Once we arrived home my two girls immediately went inside to change out of their wet bathing suits.  Grace opted to wear one of her winter footsie pajamas and a heavy fleece jacket...oh my!  Although the approaching thunderstorm cooled things down quite a bit it was still quite hot and humid.  Eve, on the other hand, chose to wear one of our fanciest ballet costumes with a raincoat over it.  Eve told me that she wanted to "dress up" for the thunder and lightening.  Jack chose to run straight onto our porch in his still wet bathing suit so that he wouldn't miss a second of the approaching storm.  What I find most amusing about this picture is how Grace, Jack and Eve have umbrellas overhead on our covered porch.  They were very well protected from the downpour of rain but they chose to stand there with their umbrellas in hand anyway.  I guess one can never be too prepared, and much more importantly, too dressed up for a storm.  :)

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