Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday at the Portland Farmer's Market

We were all in awe of these two writers with their typewriters....they were able to create beautiful pieces of writing amidst the busyness and excitement of everything that was going on at the Farmer's Market. 


Maddy, said...

I am in awe, too! You have no idea how much I love this. I can imagine the impact that these two made on Grace, Jack, and Eve. I think the children should set up a table next year at the Farmer's Market with their famous dandelion prints. Folks would l-o-v-e them as much as we do!

Love the dolphin poem for Grace...she will treasure it forever. What an experience for everyone!

Thank you so much for sharing this...yet another thing to fill up my Maddy heart.

Love, Maddy

Anonymous said...

So that's where the talent and creativity is, in Portland. What fun to find it as you are walking along and find these poets! Their joy is your joy is our joy. How the world and its gifts go around and around.

Hugs to each of you,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?