Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Week

We have had a great week.  Jack and Grace finished a three day swim camp today at the Michael Phelps Swimming Center in Saco.  It was such a wonderful experience for both of them!  You can click HERE to see pictures of Jack and Grace and a video of Grace doing the butterfly stroke on their Facebook page.  Eve and I enjoyed some special time together while Jack and Grace were swimming.  We visited Saco's library and went to two story times at our town library together.  Eve loved meeting a therapy dog today at our library named Gracie!  It has been such a busy week but I hope to catch up on this blog real soon.  I have so many pictures to post!


Mom, said...

Love-love-love the swimming picture and video of Swim Camp! What a wonderful experience for Grace and Jack!

Eve must have loved Gracie-dog over and over again! She sure does love her animals, that little one!

Thrilled that you had a busy and fun week -- that's what Summer is all about!

Even though, I am missing your pictures (and phone talking, for that matter!!) nothing is better than knowing the Team is healthy and happy and full of love.

We'll talk soon and catch up a bit. Love to Everyone. Even more Love to Everyone,

Mom, said...

All I can think of, Rebecca, is that it is waaayyy toooo HOT to be posting pictures when you must be at the beach all day long with Grace, Jack, and Eve during this spell of weather!

Awaiting a cool breeze here in Middlebury.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled that swim camp has been another source of enjoyment and success for Grace and Jack, and the same for Eve in her swim class. They have always enjoyed the water, now they have more they can do in it, and there's that safety piece also.

Thank you for including the link to the camp's web page. We always love to see our grandchildren and what they're doing, and we try to envision where they are experiencing their activities. This facility and the staff appear to offer just what you'd hope for when looking for swimming instruction. Good find. Grace and Jack look like happy campers!

Love, hugs, and kisses,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?