Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back from Vermont...

Every July we go to Maddy and Poppy's home for a week to attend Middlebury's Festival on the Green.  We returned from our fun-filled trip this afternoon.  I have lots of pictures to share from our time in Vermont.

Thank you so much to Maddy and Poppy for an amazing week.  We had the best time!


Maddy and Poppy, said...

We live-for and LOVE this week of the year that you spend here with us. It is our Christmas time in July!

Grace, Jack, and Eve were such little/big hits here in Middlebury, as they are each year! What about the three of them singing on stage together at the request of the famous Gary! Amazing performance by Grace, Jack, and Eve!!

You all made the front page of the newspaper...we have a copy in the mail. One to Memere & Pepere, and Uncle Adam, too!!

The minute we said our vey last good-byes and hugged our last hugs I missed each of you so much.

I'm beginning the planning for next year already!

Love to You Soooo Much from Middlebury, Vermont,
Maddy and Poppy

Mom to Rebecca, said...

I also want to say how absolutely wonderful it is to spend this week with my Lovely Rebecca, too. You live so far from me that I also live for this one week a year that we are together...I just love our time sharing and talking.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I followed all of you in my head and in my heart during this intensely fsmilial week of visiting and activities. So happy for you!

Now I'm looking forward to pictures on the blog and to the newspaper picture. Thank you,Rebecca and Mary Ann, for sharing these memorable moments.


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?