Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 1 of our Trip to Vermont: Playing the Piano Outside!

We arrived at Maddy and Poppy's house on a Saturday afternoon.  Grace, Jack and Eve were so excited to finally be in Middlebury, Vermont!  On our first evening there we went all went out to dinner.  On our ride back to Maddy and Poppy's home that evening we stopped in town so that Grace, Jack and Eve could play several pianos, all of which were scattered outside throughout Middlebury!  This was one of my favorite experiences from our trip to Vermont this year.  I loved watching my children play the pianos outside!  This really was a very unique experience for them.  Grace and Jack were especially excited because they started taking piano lessons in May and they were amazed they could practice outside!   I have several more pictures of this great experience coming tomorrow!

P.S.  It's wonderful to be blogging again after such a long break!  :)

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Maddy, said...

What fun we had at those pianos! Jack and Grace are very good pianists. It is great to look back on these special memories. I cannot wait to see more!
Missing having a 'full-house' so much.
Love, Maddy

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