Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 2 of Our Trip to Vermont: Fun at Lake Dunmore

On our second day in Vermont we went to Lake Dunmore to enjoy some swimming and kayaking before Bob had to head back to Maine.  It was fun for Grace, Jack and Eve to experience swimming in a lake versus the ocean!

Eve enjoyed playing along the shore and swimming with Daddy! 

If you look closely at the picture above you can see Jack kayaking with Daddy!  Jack loved every moment he spent out on the water in the kayak.  He was an excellent paddler.  

Unfortunately, I did not take too many pictures at the beach this day so this is the only one that I have of Grace.  If you look REALLY close can you find Grace??  Grace also went kayaking with Daddy but then she decided to jump into the water and hold onto the front of the kayak for the remainder of her trip across the lake!  :)

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Mom/Maddy, said...

Oh My Gosh, I *loved* this day at the Lake! It was thrilling to watch Grace, Jack, and Eve swim and play in the Lake. How wonderful was our picnic table under the big tree right by the water's edge with lunch spread out for all to enjoy--it was so perfect!

I will remember how much we loved watching Grace and Jack kayaking with Daddy and holding our breath while Gracie held on to the front for SO long. I will remember how much Jack loved the 'wave-less' water. I will remember how Eve played and how I encouraged her to take a little nap on the towel...almost happened!!

Come back and maybe Bob can set up your tent and do a real camping time at the lake next year!

I still think of our time together as all of the holidays rolled into this one week in the Summer.

Your Ever Loving Mom and Maddy

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