Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jack's Love of Dance!

Jack has been taking dance through the Maine State Ballet since September and he LOVES it.  Jack's last dance class was yesterday.  His dance class will resume again in September.  It was a viewing day yesterday, which means that families were invited into the studio room to watch the dancers and to take pictures (or in my case, LOTS of pictures!!!).

Jack spent the first years of his life watching Grace in her dance classes and he was so excited when he was also able to enroll.  Our "big guy"  is quite the dancer!  Jack has a very natural sense of rhythm and musical awareness and he has always been able to "feel" music from a very early age.  I will be posting more pictures of Jack at his last dance class soon!


Maddy to Her Jack, said...

Our Jack is so so cute from the top of his little spike way down to his tiniest toe! I Love this boy so much! Jack is such a superb dancer. I will be forever thrilled that he has such musicality and rhythm...what a joy to behold and watch! I cannot wait to see where all of this take him. Somewhere grand.

I think Jack is so huggable and sweet and caring and such a nice boy. I'm only hoping that he 'always' allows me to make a huge fuss over him. It might be tough to have a Maddy giving you hugs + kisses + squeezes as a boy grows!!

I Love Jack and all that makes him so special,

Maddy!, said...

I continue to be amazed at Jack's cuteness!
~Maddy with love.

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