Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day Activity: Growing Seeds Inside of Plastic Bags!

Every week Grace brings a show-and-tell item to school to show her classmates.  This week, in honor of Earth Day, Grace planted bean seeds inside of plastic bags.  Grace first placed soil in the bottom of the plastic bags, added a bean seed to each one and sprayed them with water.  She decided to hang them from our sliding glass door where they can receive lots of sunshine.  It has been fun watching the sprouting process this week and Grace can't wait to give these Earth Day gifts to her classmates.  This is such a fun and unique way to begin a little garden!

Today we all wish Pepere a very happy, happy birthday!

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Maddy, said...

How sweet of Gracie to do this little garden for her friends. This is so like Gracie! I love this idea and how thankful everyone will be to receive a 'beginning' bean plant. Loving it!!

Wishing Pepere a Happy Birthday and a whole year full of all good things!

Love, Maddy

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