Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eve Coloring Easter Eggs!



Maddy to Eve, said...

There's my Baby! I know that Jack and Grace would try to correct me and say--Eve's not a baby, she's a toddler--but I will forever want to call her Baby!

I'm loving Eve's sweet face and those pushed up sleeves and those little hands of her's as she works just as hard as her big sister and brother! She is something else, that wee one!!

I Love Eve very, very much,

ps...I just had a friend ask me last week--when did Eve get so big and all grown-up! Boy, it does happen just about overnight, doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

Eve looks quite pleased with her egg dying, and well she should be. What two year old does it with the ease and results that she did? This girl is awesome!


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?