Monday, March 18, 2013

Sewing with Maddy

We were so delighted to have Maddy visit us last month during February vacation week.  The highlight of the week for Grace, Jack and Eve was the that time they spent sewing with Maddy.  This is something that all of my children look forward to every time Maddy comes to visit and it is a special bond that they all share together!  It is very sweet.      


Donna said...

Beautiful - time with Grandchildren is special for everyone

Mom, said...

Yikes--sooo many pictures [of me]!

I am thrilled and so honored to share my love of sewing with Eve, Jack, and Gracie! I love how they are so careful with all the sharp needles and moving parts. I will never forget Jack saying this time...oh, now I see how it all he followed the thread from the spool through the needle! How sweetly cute is it when the kiddos bring me ALL of their things that need mending and repairing a tad!

More things to love;;
~Grace's expression in learning something new
~Jack's knowledge of mechanics
~Eve laying herself right across the table top to see

Don't tell, but some little people will be getting a real sewing machine of their very own for Christmas this year!!

Sending so (sew!) much love up to all of my sewers,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?