Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cut, cut!

Eve has such great fine motor skills.  One of her favorite things to do is to cut with scissors. This is excellent work for her tiny hand muscles!  Eve knows exactly how to hold the scissors and she loves cutting up paint samples.


Maddy!!, said...

I am so in-love with Little Miss Evey Pie (My Little Button!) she is such a combination of Gracie and Jack and REALLY all of our families that I can barely take her!!!!!!!! Though, she will forever be Our Baby and the Littlest of the Littles!

Eve is petite & slight & teeny-tiny yet strong & powerful & determined--what a combination to be reckoned with!

I cannot even begin to tell you, Rebecca, how much I love how you have captured the lashes on the kiddos in your last few posts!! Amazing! Incredible!!

Those fingers are a joy to behold--please, don't let them get TOO bigger any time TOO soon...if you can!!

Love all of our tremendous Grands that you have gifted us with, Maddy

Maddy, said...

Forgot to mention how much I love seeing Grace's outgrown clothes on her little sister!! I LOVE sisters in hand-me-downs about as much as can be!!! There is JUST something real special about it!
xox [sooooo very much]

Anonymous said...

There is a little tug on my heart when I see how Eve is growing up.
She looks older; she acts older.
Cutting puts her skills into another realm, really. In Pre-K and K classes, there are children who can't even hold the scissors properly. Here's Eve, cutting easily. Isn't she the wonder!

Loving hugs to each of you,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?