Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Planting & Harvesting "Pumpkin" Letters!

Eve loves alphabet letters and sound activities.  I thought it would be fun to mix up our letter learning a bit by bringing it outside!  To do this letter activity an orange pool noodle was cut into twenty-six slices (thank you, Bob!).  I tied a green ribbon around each pool noodle slice so that each one would resemble a pumpkin.  On each of the "pumpkins" I wrote a letter -- uppercase on one side and lowercase on the reverse side.

I asked Jack to "plant" the pumpkins outside in one of our empty garden boxes.  He was so excited to help out with this activity.  Being outside + working with dirt = one very happy boy!!!  The goal of this activity was to have Eve pull the pumpkins out of the ground or "harvest" them and identify the letter name and sound on each of her harvested pumpkins.  Once Eve finished harvesting Jack arranged the pumpkins in alphabetical order onto a garden stake.

Here is one of the "pumpkins" showing the uppercase letter M.  

Jack had such a great time planting the pumpkins!  He also had fun "harvesting" them and helping Eve with the letter sounds.

Here is Eve harvesting her first pumpkin letter!  She was very excited because it was the letter E.  Eve ran over to Jack and said, "E...e...e!  Evie!"

Harvest time!

Once Eve was done with the letter activity, it turned into a great unplanned fine motor activity.  Eve found one of our garden stakes and put all of the letter pumpkins she collected onto the stake.

Once Eve was finished, Jack took all the pumpkins and arranged them on another garden stake in alphabetical order!

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Anonymous said...

Rebecca, what a clever idea and one that included several skills and lots of fun. And don't you just love the cooperation between the two of them. This activity is definitely a keeper.

Love the outfits!


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