Saturday, October 6, 2012

Over the Rainbow

 Hello, October.
We woke up to a beautiful full rainbow on the first day of was such a beautiful way to welcome a new month.


Anonymous said...

That is a huge, brilliant rainbow!
I would say that luck is on your side, and that you might consider sending your little ones out to search for that infamous pot of gold. For them, I wonder what the pot of gold would look like. Would it be a patch of dandelions or buttercups, a rug of newly fallen golden leaves, a pile of flecked rocks, ...? Given their imagination, the possibilities are endless.

You have captured a beautiful, rare image, Rebecca. Thank you for sharing the rainbow, and the wonder and wistfulness of two enchanting grandchildren.


Maddy!, said...

What a way to begin a month that is full of color in itself. I have never experienced a rainbow early in the morning such as that. It's perfect!

Love the pajama clad Grace and Jack and the still-sleeping Eve -- waaayyyy over the rainbow,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?